Doctors Tens Management


Help increase revenue as an add on service to ease pain and tension in patients with chronic pain. Giving comfort in the exam room while waiting for the physician to arrive. Helping patients with loving care and providing services otherwise done by physical therapist, chiropractors, and rehab facilities across the nation.

Amazing Stim has combined TENS, EMS and Micro Current into 1 simple to use durable quality machine. Giving physician a way to help treat patients and provide an add on service in the clinic or office. We have been considered the best tens unit therapy on the market.

Giving patients comfort and relief from chronic pain issues including and not limited to arthritis, bulging disc, sciatica, circulation problems, plantar fasciitis, thoracic myofascial (chronic soft tissue pain), fibromyalgia, and many more muscle and skeletal discomfort. For cash only physicians this can be used as an add on service keeping cash flow more insular. Keep patients and clients coming to your office instead of referring them out.


Help treat patients with chronic pain by using our units to block out pain signals. Use our acupressure clips on the ears to help suppress the pain receptor in the brain and increase neuropeptide levels to help with anxiety, stress, tension and addictions.


TENS, EMS and Micro Current has been known to help addictions and pain for thousands of years. Each of our Amazing Stim units comes complete with a set of clips to help you and your patients. Used as a great distraction tool with patients with anxiety and depression in focus groups or one on one.

Physical Therapists

Give your patients more flexibility and a great way to treat themselves from home or office. Tens units have been recommended for years. Why not give your patients the best in home or office therapeutic TENS, EMS, Micro Current massager money can buy?